Preparing your computer for Cryptocurrencies

In this guide I will take you through why and how to prepare your computer before installing cryptocurrency wallets so that your funds remain safe and private. Some of these steps may seem extreme but at the end of the day with cryptocurrencies you are the bank and taking responsibility for your computer means protecting […]

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Demystifying Cryptocurrency Wallets

So you are about to buy some cryptocurrencies and you want to know what is the best wallet to store your new wealth in. This guide I will take you through the pros and cons of the different types of wallets available including online, software and hardware. What are Wallets? A wallet is a neat […]

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Demystifying Wallets, Keys and Seeds

In this guide I will explain the security behind cryptocurrency wallets and how keys, seeds and passwords work together to keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure. We take for granted how our bank accounts work, but imagine just for a moment you needed to explain to someone from Africa, Asia or South America who only […]

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