It’s been a slow journey for people to start adopting and using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. This is why I am super excited about how Lolli have teamed up with various online retailers to give you cashback in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin when you shop. This takes the pain out of people having to learn how to buy the cryptocurrencies they want; instead they are simply given to them for free when they shop!

Lolli is a browser extension that you can use with the Chrome or Brave (more secure) browsers. It’s a great way to earn free Bitcoin at participating sites like Also if you share your referral link with others you receive an extra $10 worth of Bitcoin.

To get started and earn free Bitcoin open either the Chrome or Brave browser and install the Lolli extension. Once installed and you buy from one of the participating sites, you will receive the Bitcoin into your Lolli wallet

Here is the link to get started with Lolli:

Any questions get in touch and enjoy!

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I enjoy writing blogs, “How To” documentation and producing video tutorials. If you have a product or service you would like me to feature please get in touch.

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