Here is Crypto rich’s latest interview with CEO of the @elevategroup where they talk about the new S11 and S15 miners released, how mining works and the pricing.

If you are excited and want to get hold of one of these S11 and S15 miners at Elevate click here.

I’ve been mining with Elevate for over a year now after moving from Genesis Mining (well to be accurate Genesis ended mining contract). Elevate based in cold Siberia have the lowest costs of any Bitcoin mining farm and I am very happy to have my five S9j Antminers creating Bitcoin for me there. So I am really excited to see they are now offering mining contracts for the newer S11 and S15 which are out of stock for retail investors. Also looks like they are able to offer wholesale pricing as well!

Whilst other mining companies are failing due to their costly operations, Elevate is still succeeding in a bear market. The difference is that you own the miner and simply pay Elevate a 20% fee and you get 80% of the Bitcoin mined. No crazy cloud mining contracts that become unprofitable over time like with Genesis.

$40 dollars per TH compared to around $60 per TH with Genesis!

Do to their location (which is very cold they have no need for cooling systems which makes there cost super low. Also they are located right next to Antminer (the manfucaturer of the miners) repair centre so no need to wait weeks for miners to be repaired.

They have a super supportive Telegram group so pop over there if you want to join the community

To find out more about how Bitcoin Mining works read my blog: Demystifying Bitcoin Mining

If you are interested in buying a miner with Elevate feel free to use my affiliate link:

If you have any questions about mining please get in touch or leave your comments below.

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