This is a quick how to guide for those wishing to claim the Atlas Airdrop if your Ontology is currently on a Ledger hardware wallet.

This is not financial advice and I am not being paid to write this

This is not financial advice and the only reason I am providing this information is to help others who were asking a lot in the Telegram group. Where I can I will try to assist others in this process but I do not work or have any affiliation to Atlas, they are not paying me in anyway and I aam volunteering my time to produce this guide.

Resources used

Atlas’s Medium Post about airdrop

Link to Cyano Wallet Chrome extension

Atlas Claim Site

Atlas’s Telegram Group

About the ATLAS airdrop

  1. Ledger currently doesn’t support ERC20 tokens so you cant use the ledgerlive wallet
  2. ATLAS is going to launch on the Ethereum blockchain and not Ontology’s
  3. Ontology’s role in this airdrop is facilitating the airdrop via their Cyano wallet

Steps to claim the ATLAS airdrop

  1. Connect Your Ledger To The Cyano Wallet

** I assume you all ready have some ontology on your ledger and the app installed on it**

  1. Open the Chrome browser

  1. Install the Cyano Wallet from the chrome webstore as shown above

3. Now open the wallet by clicking on it op right of chrome

4. The Cyano wallet will open – click “Ledger” underneath the RESTORE ACCOUNT button

5. Connect ledger, unlock it and open the Ontology App

6. To start using the wallet, click NEW ACCOUNT

This will create a new account within the Cyano application using your existing ledger’s ontology account. Essentially the Cyano wallet is viewing the ontology on your device.


During the move from NEO to Ontology their were two types of wallets in use. Now in my opinion there is only need for a “NON” neo compatable wallet.

7. For the purposes of the airdrop you must uncheck the “NEO compatable” field then click SIGN UP

There is a bug in the wallet that returns the tick to the “NEO compatible” field – dont worry!

The above window confirms that you have registered a new account inside the Cyano wallet.


Crossed through blances show amount of Ontlogy (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG) balances you have on your ledger and available to use inside the Cyano wallet.

(B) Claim Your Atlas Airdrop
  1. Stay in Chrome, open a new window or tab and click on the Atlas Claim Site

2. Scroll down to the bottom where you see two fields, one for your Ontology address and the other for your Ethereum address.

The Ontology address should automatically show the same one as inside your Cyano wallet – here is how to check:

3. In the main Cyano wallet click on RECEIVE and check that the address displayed is exactly the same as is being shown on the Atlas claim site.

4. Go back to the claim site and enter the ethereum address you would like the airdrop to go to.

Deceiding which ethereum address you use is up to you and I used the one with the most ethereum in it so I can maximise on my ATLAS airdrop.

Its crucial that both your ledger remains on and the Ontology app open at this stage plus the Cyano app too!

5. Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the screen and the Cyano wallet will open

6. Ensure the “Gas price” and the “Gas limit” fields match the above shown in the screen shot and click CONFIRM

7. Click use LEDGER

8. Press both buttons together to sign the transaction

The above message will pop up confirming you have claimed the ATLAS tokens.

(C) Check The Airdrop Transaction Has Taken Place

  1. In the Cyano wallet click the MENU symbol at the bottom

The transaction at the top of the list should match the time you submitte the claim.

2. Click BACK to return to the main wallet screen

Was This Useful?

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